DIY favours

If you type ‘wedding favours‘  into Google, you get around 4 million responses! Many people don’t realise that the tradition of giving a favour is in fact a very old tradition; the very first favours were cubes of sugar in a trinket box. Today, the ‘favour’ has become an important part of the wedding planning process and many couples give a lot of thought to their wedding favour, ensuring that it fits in with their theme and reflects their personality.

However, as weddings are becoming more expensive many couples are choosing not to have favours, which we think is a great shame as it doesn’t have to be expensive. So we’d thought we’d take the time to post about DIY favours. Some of you might think that we could be sending potential customers away with this post but we’re all about spreading the love, why not share our knowledge and allow a couple to have the day they would really like.

A favour doesn’t have to be lavish, all-singing-&-dancing, it’s a small gesture of thanks to your guests, and something handmade always goes down well! Creating your own wedding favours is also a nice way to involve family members in the wedding planning, why not use the skills of your family members, perhaps you have an artist or poet in the family – make use of this, get them to help.

Here are our top 5 DIY wedding favours, though there are plenty more on the web:

  1. Sow the Love – take some packs of seeds, flower or vegetable seeds (can be cheaply bought from shops like Wilkinsons) and place a few seeds into small envelopes, World of Envelopes is a fabulous place to get all sizes and colours of envelopes, you’re sure to find something to suit your theme. Then write a few instructions on the back of the envelope or inside and have ‘Sow the Love’ or ‘Love Blooms’ on the front, a really lovely DIY favour. Perfect for those summer and English-Garden themed weddings.
  2. Spread the Love – homemade jam or chutney in gorgeous jars decorated with vintage material, a little more time is required for this DIY favour but it’s not impossible! The jam jar shop  sell a variety of jars and at reasonable prices, you don’t have to decorate your jar with material and can just tie some raffia or ribbon around the top of the lid. Perhaps you have a family member with an allotment who can supply you with some fruit and veg?
  3. Home-made chocolates – this is so easy! Buy some good quality chocolate, melt it and put it into chocolate moulds, Hobbycraft and Lakeland have chocolate moulds in an assortment of shapes. To add a little something extra, why not chop up some nuts and cherries or mini marshmallows and sprinkle on top of the chocolate whilst it’s still warm. Then put the chocolates into clear bags and tie with ribbon. Yummy!
  4. Love Grows – herbs are so easy to grow, so why not give each of your guests a small clay pot with a home-grown herb – basil, thyme or rosemary are examples. Speak to your local florist or garden centre to find out where you can source clay pots. You will obviously have to allow time to plant the seeds and for them to grow but once they’ve grown, place them into your clay pots and decorate the pot with ribbon or raffia and have a label tht says something like ‘Love Grows’.
  5. Sugared Almonds – this is another easy DIY favour and great for those who want to stay traditional when it comes to wedding favours. You just need to buy a large pack of sugared almonds and place 5 (to represent fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness) almonds onto some sheer material or in a box and tie with ribbon.

As you can see, wedding favours don’t have to be expensive and if you have the time you can create your own thoughtful & handmade favours for your guests. However, if you are short of time and really like the idea of some of the favours above, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us – we’re currently offering a discount on our jam favours!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our post.

Love from Love Spreading. x


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