Love Spreading meets Juicy Occasions

Ever wondered what a wedding planner does? Want to find out what the new wedding trends are? Then keeping reading this feature on the fabulous Juicy Occasions, wedding and event services company, run by Lucy Parker in Maidenhead, Berkshire.

What made you decide to become an event planner?

During 6th form I found myself organising all sorts of socials and decided to take it up at Uni. I studied events management for 4 years and really enjoyed it. It was during my time at Uni when I was working 4 or 5 different event jobs at once that I realised I was defiantly cut out for this job! 

Why did you decide to set up Juicy Occasions?

After a lot of frustration. I felt really restricted in my last role as a wedding and events manager and I was working under people who had no idea how to run events or the processes which go into planning them. I really loved organising and theming the weddings I did so I decided to set up my own business. Obviously for financial reasons I couldn’t rely on my own business so I had to find a job which didn’t have a conflict of interest. I am now a software licensing sales person for the financial industry. Geek by day, wedding planner by night! 

What does Juicy Occasions do?

Juicy occasions is a wedding and event services company. We help organise any aspect of your big day and also have items available for hire. We are most successful in the white chair cover hire and decorations. 

Why should an engaged couple hire a wedding planner?
A wedding planner is such a great resource as they will have so much knowledge and experience and they can take a lot of strain and pressure off the big day. 
For example, most of my knowledge comes from working in wedding venues. This helps me as I can advise couples on where venues will often try to ‘sting’ you for extra cash, and what they are meant to provide within each wedding package. I also have experience is negotiating contracts with suppliers to try and get a better deal, or sourcing others that might be more suitable. This is very time consuming and something which a couple might not have time to do. 
Couples don’t have to hire a wedding planner to hire the entire wedding, we offer smaller packages which may suit some people better. Have you noticed any wedding trends for this year?

One word- VINTAGE! 
What’s the best bit of your job?
The best bit of my job is meeting a couple, seeing their initial ideas for their wedding, and then making them into a reality.
What exciting things are in store for Juicy?

At the end of the summer we are very excited to be joining up with a very talented lady (who also happens to be my aunt) who will start up the catering side of Juicy Occasions. We wi be offering cakes, cupcakes and biscuits and also the catering for our vintage tea parties. We are currently expending the kitchen to be able to provide this which is set to complete in June. Then once we have the ok from the powers that be (the council) then we will be up and running. I am hoping this will also open doors to other opportunities….watch this space! 

If you had to give one tip to an engaged couple, what would it be?
If you have no idea where to start on planning your day then talk to a wedding planner, we can offer helpful and friendly advice and point you I the right direction on where to start. 
What is your favourite jam flavour? Sorry we had to ask!
Strawberry jam! Especially for home made scones 🙂 
Lucy is incredibly professional (you can read reviews for Juicy Occasions on Ice The Cake) and supportive of other wedding businesses. Please check out her website!
If you would like to be featured on our blog then just send us an email:

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