We’re jammin’

This blog is dedicated to all things jammy – jam is not just for spreading and can be used in all sorts of ways. So, if you’ve got some strawberry jam lurking and not too sure what to do with it then keep on reading.

Here are our top 10 favourite things to do with jam (and other spreadable delights!):

1. You can’t beat a jam tart! So simple to make, especially with the invention of pre-rolled pastry, you can have warm jam tarts in less than 30 minutes. A really nice activity for small children too, obviously with adult supervision! We used some blackberry and apple jelly in our tarts recently, delicious!

2. Another really simple use for jam is a dollop on top of a milk pudding! So many to choose from: rice pudding, tapioca, semolina, macaroni!

3. Bit of a sweet theme going on here but how about a jam sponge pudding! The BBC Food website has a great recipe which is simple and easy to follow.

4. Moving on from jam to lemon curd! We recently found a great recipe for lemon curd and sultana fairy cakes, they were really light and incredibly yummy.

5. We’re a huge fan of bread and butter pudding, one way to make your pudding a little different is adding marmalade to it! There are lots of recipes online, but one of our favourites is a Waitrose recipe. The recipe suggests a three fruit marmalade but a Seville marmalade would be fine too. Did I mention we received a Bronze Award for our marmalade…?!

6. Continuing with the marmalade theme, how about duck glazed with marmalade, yum! Again, there are lots of recipes online, we’ve chosen two which look tasty: Delia’s recipe is a Christmas recipe and for something different Delicious Magazine have a Chinese recipe.

7. There are so many different chutney flavours and they’re a great way of using up your surplus vegetables, you’ve got beetroot, green tomato, onion, the list goes on and on! We found a great recipe for a goats cheese and red onion chutney tart.

8. Another chutney treat, similar to above, is chuntey goats cheese puffs! Three ingredients: puff pastry, chutney and goats cheese, easy!

9. We love our chilli jam, only the other day I had it in a sandwich with some cheese! It can also be used as a marinade for chicken, delicious! Just coat the chicken in chilli jam and leave overnight in the fridge and then cook!

10. Another simple recipe is brushetta with a cream cheese and chilli jam topping. Mix cream cheese with chilli jam and place on top of brushetta, a lovely little starter or snack!

So there you have it, our top 10 favourite things to do with jam and other spreadables! Why not try out one of these recipes as a special treat for your Mum, let us know if you do!

Love from Love Spreading. x


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