Firsts, friends & favours!

Well, this is our first ever blog and we’re not entirely sure what we’re meant to write about in a blog (must add ‘research blogs’ to the to-do list), so we’re just going to ramble about what we want to ramble about and hope you’ll make it to the end of the blog!

The year so far has flown by and has been filled with so many firsts, first business, logo, website & blog, first tweet, facebook page and Bronze Certificate for our Marmalade from the Marmalade Awards! It really has been an incredibly exciting time and a busy one. We’re particularly excited about attending our first Wedding Fair, ‘Belle’s Vintage Wedding Fair’ at the Hove Centre on Saturday 5th May, can’t wait to show off our lovely favours!

Many of these firsts would not have been possible without the support of some incredible old & new friends. We’ve been overwhelmed by the support we have received and are truly grateful for all the help in getting Love Spreading up and running, thanks to all of you who have liked the Love Spreading facebook page, followed us on Twitter and shared our page with your friends & family. We wish we could name everyone but it would take forever! We do have to say a special thank you to Shelley Cross for designing the Love Spreading logo, such a talented young lady, thank you. Another thank you has to go to Lisa Hurst for putting together the blog; we wouldn’t of had a clue if she hadn’t of helped us!

We’ve also been surprised by the support Love Spreading has received from people we’ve never met before, particularly from fellow wedding business owners. One of these is Lucy Parker, owner of Juicy Occasions, she has been kind enough to feature us as one of her suppliers on her website. Go to her website and have a look!

So what’s Love Spreading all about? Well, we love all things spreadable for starters! The idea grew from my own wedding where my Mum and I (and a little help from my brother!) made jam & marmalade for my wedding favours. They were really well received, so a few years later we have decided to spread the love! Our little jars of jam, jelly, marmalade or chutney are truly unique wedding favours and we personalise each jar with material to match your theme. Perfect for vintage, garden, village fete themed weddings or those who just like jam!

Well, that’s this weeks blog finished with, another first added to the list! We would love your comments on our first ever blog!

Lots of love from Love Spreading. x


One thought on “Firsts, friends & favours!

  1. Fab first blog! Thank you very much for mentioning us. Its great to be able to talk to someone else who is in the process of starting up their company and share success stories and drama stories with!

    Keep up the great work!! I cant wait for Jam season!

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